How to create a blog in 30 minutes (for beginners)

I’ve been trying to create my own blog for so long but suddenly feel encouraged because what the fuck, this is not so freaking complicated. The only constraint all this time has been “Oh… what do I have to say? What is my blog going to talk about?” Today I don’t care. I’ve just created a blog, and that might be good enough topic for some people to start reading this. If I can do it, and many other random people can… you sure can. I’m going to explain how I created it, for dummies, step by step. Everyone can create a blog in less than 30 minutes, you will see.

Here’s my promise:

  • You will be able to create your own blog with your domain name, same way I created this one ( Totally for beginners, if you are the fucking Cristiano Ronaldo of the blogs I don’t know what the hell are you doing reading this, just leave this page.
  • No programming skills required, you just have to understand some basic concepts that I will try to explain (what I call “ingredients” below). If you get lost just write a comment on this post and I will get so excited because this is my first blog post too! :) So, I promise to help you with everything I can.
  • You will not get rich with this shit, we are going to create a plain blog, like this one, no cool design, no fireworks, no bullshit. If I’m not making money with this blog there’s no point for me trying to pretend that I can teach you how to make money with a shitty blog. But I promise that if some day I make some money (even if it is a single buck) with this blog, I will teach you how I made it.
  • I will try to improve the look and feel in the future, and I will explain you how I did it in further posts. So, if you are reading this post and see that the blog looks nothing like the screenshots, then keep reading further posts if you want to know how I did it.
  • This is going to cost you nothing, unless you want your blog under a cool domain name like, then you will have to pay around 12 bucks a year to a domain name registrar.

how to create a blog in wordpress for beginners

Basic ingredients to create a blog:

If you want to create a blog here’s what you need:

  1. Motivation (thanks Sergi from
  2. Hosting
  3. Domain name
  4. CMS

1. Motivation

Initially I wrote this post stating that we need 3 ingredients to create a blog (hosting, domain name and CMS) but 2 days later I received this comment from Sergi focusing on the importance of having a motivation. This is the emotional part of creating a blog, and it is even more important than the rest. Before you create a blog you need to be able to respond the “Why” question. There are as many answers to this question as people in the world. Everyone can have a very different objective, your goal might be to sell your product / service, to teach about something you are good at, to make money, to create a community with similar interests, to make your resume look nice… There’s no “wrong” answer, but there has to be an answer to keep yourself engaged and eventually reach your goal.

Why are you doing this? Answering and remembering this will help you to keep going or just quit if it doesn’t make sense anymore. Sergi.

2. Hosting

In a few words, that is the place where your files are going to live. Like any document needs a space in your hard drive, a blog also needs some space to get stored. That is what hosting basically is. If you want a broader definition just google it. Or click here for the Wikipedia definition.

Good news is that it is easy to find free hosting companies, I’ve been doing some research and x10hosting is the one I’m using for this blog, I’ve also tried 000webhost in the past and is good too. This is what I’ve got when I created my account with x10hosting:

x10hosting account creation blog

3. Domain name

The domain name is what commonly we call the web address. That is simply a name for you website. I would say it is equivalent to the plate numbers (in USA), you can keep the default plate number (sometimes difficult to remember) or you can just pay a few bucks to buy a cool one that you like and is easy to remember. Both have the same function and both will be linked to your car, you don’t necessarily need to spend money in a cool plate, but it’s nice to have.

If you see the screenshot above after the hosting account creation, you will see that it says Your Domain: That means that my address by default will be this one, unless I want to buy something nicer (and pay for it).

Ok, let’s say we want instead. In my case, I bought it from a Spanish website (dondominio) because I already have some other domains there and it is easier to have all in the same place, but there are a lot of places where you can buy a domain name. One of the most known might be GoDaddy.

Next thing is to link your new domain with your hosting. to do this we need to configure it in both sides.

Starting with your hosting company. Make sure you indicate the domain name you bought, and pay attention to the DNS name servers they tell you. Here’s how your x10hosting has to look like:

x10hosting to change DNS for blog creation

Now it is time to configure the domain name. Make sure it points to the right DNS. It is very simple, in my case, this is how my dondominio DNS configutation page looks like:

dondominio dns configuration to blog creation

That should be enough to have your cool name point your hosting.

4. CMS

CMS stands for Content Management System, that means a platform that will do all the programming related stuff for you. Of course you can complicate and customize it as much as you want with your programming skills, but let’s assume we have no idea about that. I’m sure you’ve heard from Word Press. Word Press (WP from now) is one of the greatest CMS for blog creation (and many other stuff).

There’s 2 ways to create your blog with WP, hosted (you have to look for the hosting and domain) vs. free (don’t need to care about hosting, much faster but less flexible). There’s a good comparison here.

We are going to go for the hosted WP option. x10hosting allows you to easily install all kinds of CMS, one of them is the latest version of WP. Just go to “my websites” tab and choose this options:

create a blog wordpress using x10hosting

Once WP is installed, you are ready to access your WP backend, located at and begin creating a simple post.

That’s it, now you know how to create a blog, if you don’t do it is because you don’t want!

Since this is my first post ever, and my English skills are still not awesome, I might have skipped something unconsciously. Please, let me know and I promise to help in less than 24h! :)

What´s next? One day, hopefully soon, I will write another post talking about the next steps:

Here’s how the blog looks like so far:

  • Plain blog
  • Twenty fifteen theme

desktop view blog wordpressmobile view blog wordpress

Please comment!!!


  1. Sergi

    Hey Raul!

    I love the idea of just crating a blog from scartch, zero, nada… and see how it goes. And let people see all the transformation!

    You already said the ingredients to create a blog: Hosting, Domain name and CMS (WordPress). I just would add the ingredient to bring it to life, and is: why are you doing this? Answering and remembering this will help you to keep going or just quit if it doesn’t make sense anymore.

    Other people also talk about “the topic” of the blog, and although it is important, it’s also something you can explore once the blog is created. But your WHY (even if this is “just for fun”) is non-negotiable.

    I’m very curious to see where this experiment goes, you’re an inspiration. Keep it up!


    1. admin

      Hey Sergi! Really appreciate your feedback, you are absolutely right, as a good coach you brought up the essential emotional factor. The motivation is probably the most important ingredient! (I will add it to my post in your honor) In this case the WHY is clear to me: to learn. I’ve been managing digital marketing teams for the last 4 years, working on a lot of acronyms 😛 (SEO, PPC, CRO, UX, CX…) but I’ve been always giving high level and business recommendations, never done any of this from scratch, by myself. And it was definitely something that I wanted to experiment, it was a personal challenge. So my motivation here is to learn, make mistakes, do research on them, solve the problems… and post about it so people who read this don´t have to spend the same amount of time I’ve spent!

      Also my idea is to experiment a lot with this blog, from the simplest things like change the theme, colors, install basic plugins… to Google Analytics optimal set up, different acquisition methods, implement a newsletter subscription, email marketing techniques (if some day I have enough subscriptors), SEO techniques, link building strategies, technical optimizations… and of course I´ll share in future posts everything that I do, posting my traffic data and all kind of information that people may request. Even if I am the only visit in this blog, I will continue doing this, for myself, to learn, but of course comments and feedback give you an extra motivation! :-) I can tell that my case studies are going to be very homemade, I expect to talk about some success stories, some failures and maybe random interesting insights. That’s more than enough to me.

      I also have in mind an e-commerce project that (if I decide to move forward) I will share a detailed evolution here. But this is a bit more mid-term.

      Thanks again for your comment Sergi, I’ve visited your site and love it, thanks for your thoughts and I hope to see you around soon!

  2. Ester

    Hi Raul!
    I started creating my website and blog 3 weeks ago… and I will activate it in 3 more weeks! jejej (how do English speakers writte jejeje). I am installing some widgets, writing some posts in advance just to have them already done…
    Reading your post helped me to realize that I don’t need to have everything “perfect”, I just need to set up a minimum and let it run! I will always have te opportunity to improve, change things, add other widgets…
    I will follow your blog for 2 reasons:
    1. I feel your posts can help me
    2. I can improve my English, as I usually use Catalan or Spanish.
    oh! I have a question: this post comment is a widget or is a basic that comes with the wordpress?
    Thank you!

    1. admin

      Hey! Thanks for your comment Ester!
      Good to hear that you will follow this blog, I won’t let you down! :-)
      3 weeks is not a long time, don’t get stressed! but I would recommend you to publish it as soon as possible for SEO purposes. Google sometimes takes its time to index new websites and content, so publishing now is better than tomorrow (even if you update your content in the future). In the next post I’ll write about how to set up your Google Search Console account (that lets Google notice about your site and gives you a lot of information in terms of Google indexing), I’ll also write about basic Google Analytics implementation (this is another Google free tool that allows you to monitor your visitors and their behavior). I will post it next week.

      Actually if you have any questions about the language (English is not my first language neither) I can reply in Spanish or even in Catalan :-) I’m from Reus, but living in Richmond, Virginia. I will talk a bit more about this in the “About me” page (that still doesn’t exist).

      About the post comments, this is the default. I installed the Akismet plugin to block spam comments. I will talk more about it in future posts.

      Thanks again for commenting Ester!

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